The Clown

Once upon a time Clown very well know in the neighborhood for aaaaalll the kids and grown up children disapeared.

Jimmy who was pretty young, wondered where he had gone. «Maybe, he thought, he went to the zoo and did some human jokes for monkeys and make them laught».

Another day Jimmy wondered again and thought «Maybe he went to play pranks to the clouds and he got lost in the last cloud at the right of the sun»

The next day Jimmy stared to a big tree, that tree was just the right size to be Clown disguised to tickle those squirels on his branchs.

One day Jimmy whispered the next door Granny, «Don’t step on that rock, his hiding waiting to wet an ant with his flower».

Granny asked him what was going on and Jimmy explained that Clown hadn’ disapeared and he was just playing around as he always does.

Some days later Granny saw Jimmy again, he was looking down quietly so granny aproached. He told her that Clown really disapeared ‘cause nobody is smiles or laughts anymore.

Granny sat down next to Jimmy and explained:
«¡Clown didn’t disapeared! ¡He just had so much laughts and had such awesome life that his body thought it was enough and the only ones left to play pranks and tickle were the ghost so he just went to see if he can make them laught by being one of them!» Then Granny touched Jimmy’s shoulder from behind, and Jimmy jumped so fast that Granny couldn’t avoid laught so hard that her fake teeths hit the ground and both stared to the teeths.

Now that days and nights have passed lots of times for Jimmy, once in a while he catches a glimpse in the corner of his eye or a cold breeze hits his neck he laughts out loud because he knows that it’s just Clown playing pranks to him again.


Escrito el 20 de junio de 2011.