A small problem for Jan

One year ago i saw a video explaining how an astronaut cuts his nails on space that the ISS commander did. After Janwatching the video i graved my «crazy ideas» notebook and thought of several methods to make clipping your nails in space less messy with tools and items that could be found on board of the space station. One of them seemed quite easy to build even at home so i did and tried if it was comfortable to use, turns out it was. Then i just left it a side and went to do other things until a month ago i thought i could do a short tale with it. So, I did the instructions and then a few drawings with a few short sentences an named the main character after a comic artist from my childhood, then i added a bad joke  and chosed a title and Tadaa! I had a new very short story.

Download: A small problem for Jan (PDF/English)

You can see the video that inspired everything here: