Tribute to Mordillo

mordillo by cleef hangerOnce upon a time there was a little 4 years old kid  with a Samaniego’s fables book.

The little fellow didn’t like the fables so much but the book was read again and again forward and backwards over the years until the hard covers were tattered and the book was given away to another kid when the kid was no longer a kid.

What drew the attention of the little one were the pictures of the book, the colors where clear and clean instead of the flashy and overloaded that all the other children books were full off. The child got old but didn’t grew up and one day the old one while writing and painting thought ‘Where’s that book!?» but the book was no longer around since it was given away, but it didn’t mattered to the old fellow since now fairy tales and illustrations its what that one does all the time forwards and backwards and sometimes upwards! So, the old kid just draw the cover of that book in its own style and having fun and even when it wasn’t the best work of the child that didn’t grew up but got old it wasn’t a matter ‘cause another drawings will be made and one day, maybe another little kid will draw what the old kid draw once.

Original drawing by Mordillo ( for «Fabulas de Samaniego» edited in 1965, Susaeta Ediciones.

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